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Profile - D-Rez
Class - Communications
Rank - (1.1) Pit Slag
Battle Stars 
INT: Star!Star!Star!Star!
STR: Star!Star!Star!
SPE: Star!Star!Star!
DEF: Star!Star!



Current Credits

D-Rez by Katea-Nui
Transformers OC. I'm getting better with proportions! Now to practice coloring.

Designation: D-Rez

AppearanceSee Above. Easily classified as a minicon/bot at 10 feet even, D-Rez is a compact femme sporting a grey and blue paintjob with black and red accents.  Uncommon for most of her class, she has 'pupils' in her optics that slit down the center to give her some extra intimidation factor since her size doesn't work in her favor at all.


Weapon(s): Hidden blasters, claws and speed.

Universe: Transformers G1/IDW

Primary Class Function: Communications Technician

Secondary Class Function: N/A

Subroutine Function: Has a talent for whipping up viruses and takes far too much joy in the damage they can wreak.

Personality: Short tempered when having to work with those she feels are stupider than herself, but patient with those she feels are worth being patient for. She takes enormous pride in her work and can be a bit hard to get along with if she feels she's been slighted.  She tends to dislike larger mecha on principle, but hates Autobots even more. A minicon/bot unsatisfied with her size in a world where the large take command. Her trust is earned and woe be to the mecha that breaks it once they have it.

While she plays the aloof angry character, she doesn't mind having company from time to time.  Loneliness is dangerous, she's realized.  While she won't attach herself to anyone in particular without good reason, she strives for intelligent company who isn't going to immediately dismiss everything she says merely because of her size.


Reason for Joining: In the short stellar cycles before the war, D-Rez was a minibot without a purpose because she'd been replaced by a new framed bot that was just as good as she was at her job, but much bigger.  Unable to find any other work, bitter and angry, she found herself scrounging in the gutters for anything that would help her survive.  Because of the conditions in the gutters and the vulnerability of her size, she was often prey for bigger mecha seeking what little credits or energon she'd managed to scrounge.  The Enforcers that occasionally came down wearing the Autobot symbol were no help and sometimes even took advantage of many of the gutter mechs' and their positions for the fun of it.  Some even corrupt enough to shoot them for sport or mug them of what little they had.  After all, they were gutter trash.  Who would notice if one or two went missing and who would care if one or two couldn't afford a medic.

Her trust in authority and in Autobots in general began to dwindle along with her hope of anything ever changing.  And then, Megatron began preaching.  At first she heard of it in whispers among the others in the gutters.  Then it became a murmur.  Soon it rose into an uprising and it brought hope with it.

Join. Join and be free from the shackles the Autobots would put upon you. 

She joined the moment she had a chance and she's never looked back.

Other: She hitches rides inside bigger mechas' armor at times.  As far as she's concerned, extra layers between herself and any potential danger. Plus it makes for a good way to overhear juicy bits of gossip or information with nobody the wiser.…


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United States

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